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At Point Cook Tutoring, we understand how important it is for students to get a good education.


My son Jake got a 45 raw (scaled up 50) for Maths methods and an ATAR of 99.4. Thank you so much for your help. Have a great Xmas.

    - David Fava - (Father of Jake Fava) - VCE - Maths (Methods); Werribee Secondary


We are so happy with our son Andrew's results. From 30% to almost 100% results in Maths in 3 months time is just an unbelievable result.

   - Michelle (Parent) - Yr 9 - Maths; Emmanuel College


Started tutoring this year (2016) for Further Maths after struggling for my entire high school career with the subject. I went from averaging 20% to hitting above 80%, all because of the tutoring I received here.

    - Jack Amourous - VCE - Further Maths; Emmanuel College

Our son has been tutored by Parthiv for the last 18 months or so. We could not recommend Parthiv more highly. Dedicated, passionate & just has a knack of teaching in a way that doesn't feel like work. Our son has gone from lowest 3rd percent to the top 1 percent in maths in his class.

    - Annette Markie (Parent) - Yr 10 - Maths; Carranballac College

My daughter started tutoring with Point Cook Tutoring in Term 2 2015 as a C-D maths student. Parthiv explained his expectation was that she will be an A student by the end of 2015. We have just received her Year 9 Maths Exam result and sure enough, she received an A. My daughter looks forward to attending tutoring and her confidence has grown enormously. I cannot recommend Point Cook Tutoring highly enough. What I find most beneficial is that Parthiv has managed to turn Maths into a joy for my daughter. Thank you Point Cook Tutoring

    - Trish Boyd (Parent) - Yr 9 - Maths; Westbourne Grammer

I got a study score of 35 in methods, which is amazing for me and i'd just like to thank you for helping me get there, without you there is no way I could have achieved that, I'm forever grateful. Thank you so much.

    - Jack Jaimeson - VCE - Maths (Methods); Werribee Secondary

Thank you Parthiv for all your assistance to my daughter for her Math Methods during VCE year 12. Your excellent coaching has helped her grow leaps and bounds in the subject which was visible in her SAC results thorough the year.

    - Vishnu (Parent) - VCE - Maths (Methods); Suzanne Corey School

My 15 year old son Chris was having difficulties with year 10 subjects science and maths and that really impacted on his confidence. He started withdrawing not only at school but also at home. I then made a decision to get him a tutor and found Point Cook tutoring. Parthiv was amazing he was so patient,caring and very clear what he expected from Chris. I noticed a big change in Chris's attitude he was so eager to go back to school and continue his tutoring.
So thank you Parthiv and Point cook Tutoring see you again in 2016

    - Leanne (Parent) - Yr 10 - Maths; Point Cook Senior


Thank you so much for being a great tutor. Couldn't have done it without you.

    - Gabriel - Yr 12 - Maths (Methods)